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NaNo Rap Up

bowlingMy NaNo region had our “It’s Over Party” this afternoon. A few of us gathered at the bowling ally. Kind of nice to socialize with other writers. Normal people just don’t get your issues with plot or unruly characters. I am thinking I really need to join one of the Writer’s Associations here.

Anyway, I am set up at Starbucks, I have my white chocolate mocha and I am ready to crank out the words!



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Motivation where are you?

So it was a late night at the job-from-hell but all the way home I have this scene going in my head. I am actually kind of bummed that I didn’t have my laptop in the car so I could just go to Starbucks and get typing.

Anyway, I get home, scrape off the cloths and get into the shower. I feel good. I get an apple and a big glass of water to re-hydrate and site down to write and…not a damn thing. Too wired to go to bed and too fuzzy to work.

Oh well, I’ll stare at the Scrivener screen for a while and see what happens. Inspiration is apparently a fickle…well you know what.

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Post NaNo Update

Sad Day.

Just got home from the night job and realized the clock had rolled over to December 7th. Some date. For me, the day means Pearl Harbor. My country’s entry into a World War. War that never seems to end. May humanity someday figure out that it is better to share the bananas rather than fight over them, but then we are limited by who and what we are.


Then on the more mundane level, NaNo has been over for a week.

Kind of an interesting week. I slept in some. Tried to catch up on some paid work. (My main job is freelance video production–more fun than the nigh job from hell but the money is inconsistent.) Dealt with a low grade respiratory infection that I embellished to get out of a social occasion and kept hacking away on the Novel.

I’ve gotten another 5K words done. I really want to bring it to a close but the character’s aren’t helping, they keep doing unexpected things, which was cute for a while, but now is just annoying.  They just don’t seem to understand or even care that I need to end this thing because it is going to take months to edit this sucker!

Sigh, again.

Well it is now one in the morning and I need to get some writing in.

Peace and blessings to you.



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The Dixieland

Working Cover Image

Working Cover Image

My list of projects keeps getting longer. The latest idea is The Dixieland, the story of Dixie Chapman at 50 y/o biker chick that inherited an old roadhouse from her grandfather. One morning on the way into the Dixieland she comes across two naked college guys stranded on the road. Issues of what is right and just will come into play as will the question of do you serve Revenge with a sweet or tangy sauce?

This story is growing out of challenge I have been playing with to write a story in the first person with a straight female as the MC. Of course there are other projects ahead of this one. Maybe NaNo 2014?


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