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Post NaNo Update

Sad Day.

Just got home from the night job and realized the clock had rolled over to December 7th. Some date. For me, the day means Pearl Harbor. My country’s entry into a World War. War that never seems to end. May humanity someday figure out that it is better to share the bananas rather than fight over them, but then we are limited by who and what we are.


Then on the more mundane level, NaNo has been over for a week.

Kind of an interesting week. I slept in some. Tried to catch up on some paid work. (My main job is freelance video production–more fun than the nigh job from hell but the money is inconsistent.) Dealt with a low grade respiratory infection that I embellished to get out of a social occasion and kept hacking away on the Novel.

I’ve gotten another 5K words done. I really want to bring it to a close but the character’s aren’t helping, they keep doing unexpected things, which was cute for a while, but now is just annoying.  They just don’t seem to understand or even care that I need to end this thing because it is going to take months to edit this sucker!

Sigh, again.

Well it is now one in the morning and I need to get some writing in.

Peace and blessings to you.




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The Dixieland

Working Cover Image

Working Cover Image

My list of projects keeps getting longer. The latest idea is The Dixieland, the story of Dixie Chapman at 50 y/o biker chick that inherited an old roadhouse from her grandfather. One morning on the way into the Dixieland she comes across two naked college guys stranded on the road. Issues of what is right and just will come into play as will the question of do you serve Revenge with a sweet or tangy sauce?

This story is growing out of challenge I have been playing with to write a story in the first person with a straight female as the MC. Of course there are other projects ahead of this one. Maybe NaNo 2014?


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Late night muse attack

Well I got up in the middle of the night to pee and this hit me. I thought I should write it down. I don’t know if it will go anywhere. The annoying thing is I can’t use it for NaNo. 😦



We were in the Student Union finishing up breakfast when Allen handed me the school paper. “Hey isn’t Professor Walsh your adviser?”

I swallowed my bit of muffin and took the paper. “Yes he is. Why?”

Allen pointed to a photo of a very attractive middle aged woman. “He got some of that. Can you believe it? That old prig.”

I was confused. “What?”

He gave me that look again. The look that said, “How can someone that is literally a rocket scientists be so stupid?”

He pointed at the paper again. “The article about Cindy Stalls and her time on campus when she was a grad-student.”


Allen put his hand on his forehead and feigned a faint. He did this a lot. Allen was dramatic. I always attributed this to him being a graduate assistant in the Drama department. Some of my colleges in the Engineering Department sad he was very gay or too gay. I knew Allen had sex with men. Actually he seemed to have a lot of sex with a lot of men but I didn’t see how that related to the dramatic attributes of his personality. I had met some of his gay friends and they didn’t seem any more dramatic than normal. I liked Allen. He introduced me to a lot of woman. Which I thought was very nice of him. I liked women but didn’t quite understand them.

Allen recovered from his faint. I had finished my muffin. “The writer,” he said, “Cindy Stall. Probably the most famous person to attend this podunk university.”

I shook my head. There was that look again.

“God, if you were gay I’d spank you.”

He said things like that a lot. I got the oblique reference to the folk saying of wanting to knock some sense into me, but I didn’t understand the reference to my sexual orientation.

“Her last book was turned into the movie we saw last Saturday. You know the one with all the sex in it. The one where you had to go take that long shower after we got back to the dorm. Remember that?”

I felt my face burn. I knew masturbation was a natural and healthy outlet for men, but I always felt embarrassed about the casual way Allen talked about it. And I found it highly disconcerting that he always seemed to know and remember when I did it.

“Yes I remember that movie.”

He sighed. A sigh like a man in the desert getting a glass of water. Drama. “Finally! Well she wrote it. She did her MFA here. And she fucked Walsh.” He pointed at a paragraph on the newspaper page.

…Yes, it is true Rodney [Walsh] and I had a moment. We shared study rooms in the library and we’d chat every now and then. We really didn’t have much in common. He was in the Engineering Department or was it Physics, I don’t know something science and math related. Anyway it was the holidays and I had just broken up with Jarrod and I didn’t have anyone to take to the department holiday party. I was pretty devastated by it at the time, although it seems pretty silly now. But I was sitting there in the study room crying my eyes out when Rodney comes in. Well he is quite the gentleman you know, he is the inspiration for Roddrick in the film. Well let’s just say we went to the party together and I woke up in his dorm room the next morning. That was the end of term. We were reassigned study rooms the next term and we really didn’t see much of each other after that. You know…different circles. I don’t think it really meant that much to him. It was rather embarrassing, but when I saw him at the President’s reception last night I don’t even think he remembered who I was…

I looked up from the paper.

Allen leaned in. “I mean look at her. Can you believe it?”

I looked at the photo again. “No.”

I didn’t believe it. No man could have sex with a woman like that and not remember it. That was when I knew my suspicions that Dr. Rodney Walsh was an alien were true.

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Day 12.1

Well this story is turning out to be very character driven and I need to take time out and chart out all of the folks running around town. I was using the index cards in Scrivener, which is great but I was feeling the need for chart that I could have printed out and keep next to me when I am writing. The chart has the character name, a brief bio of who they are and their relation to other major characters, then columns for what they want, the block to that want and finally how their arc is resolved in the story. I think this is actually going to help more than a traditional outline. Anyway I only got around 900 actual words into the text of the story today, but I think I should be about to get more done tomorrow.

I keep telling myself that the goal of this is the completion of the first draft, but damn I want to win. I want that 50% Scrivener discount. 🙂

Well good night for now. It is now November 13th on the east coast of the US and that puts me even further behind!

Happy writing everyone.


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Day 12

Having a hard time getting up to speed this morning. (And by morning I mean 1pm EST)

I feel the need to do some regrouping around the plot and notes to keep characters organized. Most of the the narrative planning has been third-person following Aidan but I am feeling the need to open that up a bit. There is a lot of story developing an wants to be woven in and out and it just isn’t making sense to have Aidan on stage all of the time, especially since it isn’t first person.

Well I am going to work on a Character Chart with desires, blocks, and resoulutions on it. Then I need to get the word count up!

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Over population

Next story is going to be about a hermit on an island in the middle of the ocean!

The list of characters keeps growing, they are mostly minor characters but I still need to keep them straight, so to speak, and a few I think are going to be important in other stories in the series. The MCs just keep walking around town, shopping and going out to eat and meeting people. Why can’t they stay at home and watch TV or hey maybe write a novel in 30 days. That would limit their contact with other people…oh yeah, that wold lead to a very boring life.  (I am so glad Scrivener has a character database function!)

Sigh. Need 25,000 words by the 15th and I am only at 9K.  I think I can, I think I can…

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Creativity is really bizarre when you think about it…

Time to start writing this morning. I am trying to do nothing today but work on my NaNo story. Got up early and headed to Micky D’s for breakfast (the stake and egg bagel–no egg is amazing–beefy cheesy goodness with sauteed onions) and to do writing at Starbucks. I seem to get more work done there and it has nothing to do with the view of community college boys that hang out there to study, I swear.

Any way I am trying to get over what I am calling the Road Kill Incident. I was in the parking lot listening to a story on NPR when I notice one of the stray cats that hang out at McDonald’s trying to cross the highway during early morning traffic. It got splattered by three cars, which one would think was gruesome enough but it was its back leg sticking up in the air convulsing that has kind of stuck with me. It gave one last twitch and was still. Then another car hit it knocking it into another lane. By this point I had lost interest in the news story and needed rum or espresso. As I was in the Starbucks parking lot and it was 6 am, I opted for espresso.

Any way, I am standing at the counter waiting for my cup of joy…I mean joe, thinking about the scene I am going to work on first this morning. The MC just found out that his 16 yo nephew is gay and is going to take him out for the obligatory gay uncle talk about men and the joys of fashion and safe sex (very Sex in the City, but small town by the Bay and more grits than cannoli) and I realize I need a Cafe for them to have the talk. Suddenly the name of the cafe comes to me, the owner and a whole frackin’ back story. I don’t know how much will be useful but it is just amazing how your brain can pull this stuff out of thin air!

Okay, now I really need to write something that will count toward my daily total. Really I am going to start now…

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A Journey Into Insanity

I am working on a new short piece with the working title of “Him.” It is kind of new for me because I haven’t done a lot of first person POV stuff and this is pretty dark for me. I am finding it fascinating how different it is, at least for me, to really be writing in the voice of a psychotic killer. There is something abhorrently seductive about going into such a mind. I am glad I can just visit and not live there!

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